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  • 2015 Pet Adoptions
    YTD 674
  • 2015 Returned to Owner
    YTD 237

Walk For a Dog!

The weather is getting nice, and your pup needs to burn that energy! Why not make your walks count?! With WoofTrax' app 'Walk For a Dog' it is super easy! Just download the app, select our shelter (Central Nebraska Humane Society) from the list, and begin walking your dog (or the shelter dogs)! The app tracks your distance and time, then based on that sends us a donation! Learn more at their website: Here is a GREAT way to earn donations for CNHS! All you have to do is download this free app, select our shelter (Central Nebraska Humane Society), and select start when walking your dog (or a shelter dog)! The app tracks your distance and time and based on that writes a check to the shelter! Learn more about it Click here.

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