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  • 2017 Pet Adoptions
    YTD 184
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    YTD 47

How to Join in the Auction Fun:

Instead of using written bids, you can bid with your phone from any location! So whether you're sitting in your seats or mingling in the silent auction room, you can enter your bid. No more fighting the crowds or trying to remember where your item of interest was located! You'll have total power in the palm of your hand!

Please register for the Fur Ball Silent Auction and Live Auction at:

Text Bidding Instructions:

Place a bid: Reply to any Qtego text message with the 3 digit item # and amount and send. Example: Item 123, Bid 100. You will receive a text confirming your bid. You will also receive a text if someone out bids you.

Set a Max. Bid: Reply to any Qtego text message with the 3-digit item #, your max bid amount and the letter M and send. Example: 123 300M

Check High Bid: Reply to any Qtego text message with the 3 digit item number and send.

Party for the Paws - Celebrating 50 years!

Fur Ball tickets are SOLD OUT!

Don't let this hold you back from enjoying all the great auction items. Pre-register at the link below to view auction items and gain access to early bidding!

Please join us for a fun-filled evening that will greatly impact the lives of many animals in central Nebraska.

5:00pm Cocktail Hour
6:30pm Dinner

Casual Dress

Live and silent Auctions - 100% of the proceeds go to the Central Nebraska Humane Society to positively impact the lives of the animals in our community!

Live music and dancing to Rascal Martinez!

$75.00 / ticket
Tickets are available for purchase at the the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

**Please bring either a bottle of wine or a bottle of craft beer to donate for a fun, live auction item!

2017 City License - Available NOW!

2017 City Licenses are now available.

Purchase Locations:

* Local Vet Clinics
* Central Nebraska Humane Society
* NEW Utility Customer Service Center (located at 1306 W. Third St.)

Good Morning America - MISSION PAWsible

MISSION PAWsible has ended by helping an astounding 5,047 dogs find their forever homes! The Central Nebraska Humane Society alone, found homes for 53 dogs! The added exposure also helped 61 cats meet their families!

This has been an amazing opportunity and we are so thankful to Good Morning America and North Shore Animal League of America for making this mission, PAWsible!

Make sure you never miss out on our promotions and adoption events, by following us on social media (links below) and swing by and drop a thank you to  GMA and NSALA for their help and support in promoting shelter animals (links to their social media at the bottom of the post).

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Don't forget to show some love to Good Morning America (Facebook, Twitter) and North Shore Animal League America (Facebook, Twitter) for allowing us this opportunity to spread awareness of local organizations and the homeless shelter pets in our community!



Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to CNHS by simply completing the form here and we'll reach out to you to arrange the pick-up of your vehicle donation, at no cost to you. You may qualify for a tax deduction while supporting a cause that is near and dear to your heart!

Vehicle donation pick-up is always free to you and most vehicles can be picked up within 24-72 hours. You'll receive an initial car donation receipt upon pick-up and then our team will work to turn your car into cash to support our cause. Once your vehicle is sold, we will provide you proper tax forms in time to file.  Click here for more info.

Sign Language makes all the difference in their world at the Central Nebraska Humane Society!

When Rosie, a mixed breed boxer arrived on December 7, 2013 a journey began that is changing the lives of eight dogs, the staff and one amazing volunteer.
It was easy to see the huge heart through the soulful eyes of Rosie. Yet an invisible barrier held the interaction with her to a minimum. Her face made you smile as she marveled at each gesture. The tender stroke of her head, a gentle ear rub and the good old fashioned tummy scratch reflected such an appreciation for human contact. Determined to communicate with Rosie, volunteer Tracie did not perceive deafness as disability. Rather she viewed it as a challenge to try something where sound would not be required to communicate with Rosie. Tracie developed her own style of hand-signals or sign language and began teaching Rosie with positive treat reinforcements. With the ability to understand people, Rosie thrived and her playful personality appeared!

Rosie was ready for a forever home with a family willing to continue enhancing her life with hand signals and love. IT took time for that special family to learn Rosie was available for adoption, meet her and then make a lifelong commitment. Only thirty miles away lived Cindy Koch. Cindy, with her daughter and son drove to meet Rosie. Cindy is deaf and had always imagined having a deaf dog in the family. After meeting Rosie, creating that bond and having a family discussion, the decision to adopt was made! Two years later Rosie and her family still visit the shelter staff and her beloved friend Tracie who made such a humane, compassionate and dedicated effort to changing her world.

The Central Nebraska Humane Society has continued to work with seven other deaf dogs. Tracie, other volunteers and staff have expanded opportunities for their different personalities and activities have been developed.
Pinky  came in as a stray on April 1, 2016. No one came to claim her! The staff immediately began to teach her signs. As a young girl full of energy with no ability to release it, she went to learning signs. She learned the signs for sit and down quickly. When she figured out that thumbs up meant "good girl" she smiled. Next Pinky took over the shelter's agility equipment. She was in heaven! As her vocabulary began to grow, she learned quiet (finger to lips) and calm down (palm downward motion to the floor). She became a favorite of the volunteers and visitors. Pinky has a lot of energy that quickly turns into affection as she wears herself out. She has a beautiful smile and her tail wags when she sees her favorite people.

Diana was surrendered on December 12, 2014 because her owner did not have time for her. Shortly after her sister was abandoned and then also surrendered for adoption. Diana, learned shake and down in less than ten minutes. Playtime without her sister is a skill she needed help learning. Staff played hide and go seek with her and she excelled at it. She is constantly thinking and quickly learned that she could climb the six foot chain link fence to go visit her favorite friends. Diana graduated from a six week obedience class, really likes the agility teeter totter, ramps, steps and poles. Recently, her sister was adopted and has moved over 100 miles away.

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