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CNHS Receives Grant for Heart Monitor

The Central Nebraska Humane Society is pleased to announce that they are the recipient of a grant from the DJ&T Foundation of Beverly Hills, California.  The DJ & T Foundation who specializes in funding animal welfare programs, provided the necessary funding to allow CNHS to purchase a state of the art heart monitor. The monitor will help Dr. Brad Adrian and our medical team to more closely monitor animals’ vitals during surgery, allowing them to better meet and treat any urgent changes in the animal’s condition as soon as it arises, if not before. 

“We can now monitor the exact amount of anesthesia, allowing us to better respond to any changes in their condition immediately and provide the fastest response possible.  This monitor is one of the very best available and we are so pleased to provide this kind of care to our animals,” Dr. Brad Adrian.    

“CNHS is beyond thrilled to have been the recipient of this grant and we are even more excited about the amazing care this heart monitor will help our medical team provide.  Sincere thanks to the DJ &T Foundation for their caring, compassion and support of our services and animal welfare programs across the nation,” Laurie Dethloff, Executive Director.  

Funding for medical treatment is at the utmost importance for the shelter, the availability of onsite medical treatment not only eliminates the need to transport already fragile or traumatized animals, it also allows Dr. Adrian to address medical concerns more efficiently and aids in getting animals on the path to recovery and ready for adoption more quickly.  

Although funding has been provided for the heart monitor, CNHS also has costs of medications and vaccinations which create challenges when prices of medications and vaccinations are on the rise as well as the number of animals served each year by CNHS.  Community support in the way of monetary donations, can help offset the costs of the nearly $50,000 annual budget for vaccinations and necessary medications alone.  

For more information about CNHS, adopting an animal, volunteering or donating, please contact us.

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