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  • 2018 Pet Adoptions
    YTD 625
  • 2018 Return to Owner
    YTD 278

Be a HERO!

Help us soar with our 2018 fundraising campaign!

Feeling like a superhero today? Click the following link and press the yellow "Donate" button:

Be a hero for the animals at Central Nebraska Humane Society! Our building is showing wear and is need of rescuing. Our goal is to raise $450,000 to revitalize our facilities. These funds will help provide some much needed repairs and additions: a new HVAC, floor epoxy, plumbing improvements, industrial appliances, and additional staff to help care for the many animals that come through our doors. 

We feel like heroes everyday helping to place animals in their forever homes. With your help, we can get one step closer to saving them all! Click the links below to see our full brochure and the fundraising letter. 

Donation Flyer Donation Flyer (1108 KB)

Fundraising Letter Fundraising Letter (2691 KB)




Foster Application

We have had quite a few people asking about how they can help out here at CNHS. We are in need of fosters!! Are highest need areas are for our large dogs and kittens. We need dog fosters immediately. We do not currently have kittens for foster, but would like to build a registry so that we have contacts ready to go in case we get a litter in. Please consider adding your name to that registry or becoming a dog foster today. Our application is below. Thank you.


Foster Application.pdf


Give Them A Home For The Holidays!

YOU can help an animal in need!

We have limited space here at the shelter and unfortunately, we are running out! Help us increase our capacity by becoming a temporary home for a shelter pet! We are especially in need of DOG FOSTERS. If you would be willing to open your home to a doggy in need, please stop by and fill out an application today!

What we provide: Medical care through our vet staff. We can also supply food/basic equipment if needed. If you are able to supply those things yourself, that helps us even more!

What you provide: A loving, temporary home!!

Once the animal is placed with you, we will continue to advertise them as available for adoption. We do ask that you be open to bringing the animal in to CNHS for routine medical treatment and interested adopter meet and greets. We are working on putting together a handbook for our foster families and would be happy to answer any questions you might have when you stop in. Thanks so much for considering our foster program!



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