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What is the difference between "open admission" shelters/rescues and "no kill" or "limited admission" shelters/rescues? And which category does CNHS fall under?

An “Open Admission” shelter is a shelter that does not turn away any animal based on their age, breed, health, behavior, or aggressive tendencies. “No Kill” or “Limited Admission” shelters often pick and choose which animals they will accept and how many. In the event that their kennels and foster homes are full they may reject the next animal to walk through their door regardless of the circumstances or condition of the animal.

The Central Nebraska Humane Society is an independent non-profit organization. We are not a municipal or government agency. Our shelter relies mainly on donations from our community and fees charged for our services. The CNHS is an “OPEN ADMISSION” shelter.

Exceptions can happen at the Central Nebraska Humane Society when the kennels are full. In the event that this happens, many owners seeking to surrender will be given a list of recommended resources to assist them in finding a home on their own. They will be encouraged to give us a call in a few weeks, if their attempts have not been successful, to check the kennel space again.

Many times, a “Limited Admission” organization will promote themselves as a “No-Kill” shelter. Unfortunately, very few of them will accept animals that are old, sick, injured, or behaviorally challenged. Nor will they provide care for stray and lost animals. Additionally, they may choose to decline the return of unsuccessful adoptions.

The CNHS is licensed by the NE Department of Agriculture and conforms to animal laws established by the state.

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