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Does CNHS euthanize stray animals?

No. We give the animals a thorough medical and behavioral evaluation prior to placing them up for adoption. If there are issues found, we do then look into what options we have. If it is possible to train the animal away from their behavioral issues and get them to a point where it is safe to place them into the community they will be re-evaluated upon finishing their training. If we uncover medical issues, we look at the quality of life, if there are treatments available, and the chance of recovery. If at that time we find it in the best interest of the animal we will try to rehabilitate them. If the animal fails to pass these assessments, or they develop severe behavioral or medical complications while at the shelter, they may then be humanely euthanized.

No animals served by the Central Nebraska Humane Society are euthanized due to space limitations. Animals served by CNHS are not limited on the time they may stay in the shelter. Animals that are medically and behaviorally sound are cared for until they are placed in a forever home or are transferred to another rescue organization more apt to their needs.

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