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Monetary Donations

Your monetary donations are welcome.  These donations are used to provide support staff and supplies needed to take care of the animals at the shelter.


You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation.  You can also choose to donate to a specific fund or to the general fund.


Donations can be made online, in person, or by mail.


Donation Funds


Money in this fund will go to the daily needs of the shelter.



This is a great way to honor a loved one and support the shelter.


Kennel Sponsorship

Kennel Sponsorship is way to let people know that you support our shelter. A plaque is placed on your kennel for a year with your name, your business or group name. It also is highlighted on the website. Need more information, ask us.       



Money in this fund will go to the maintaining and upgrading computers, printers, monitors, security, etc.


You can also help out with supply donations and/or sponsorships.