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Drool in the Pool

VENUE:  Island Oasis Water Park






ADDRESS:  321 E Fonner Park Rd

          Grand Island, NE 68801


DATE:  Aug 19 / 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


During the event, your dog will be able to make new pup pals, take a dip in the pool and enjoy a little splashing around before the pool is closed for the season!

We are very excited to provide this opportunity for the community and cannot wait to see you all there!

To keep this event enjoyable and safe for everyone, we ask that you closely follow each of the guidelines below:
• This is an event for Dogs only – cats and other household pets will not be admitted.
• 1 (one) dog per handler. Handler must be the legal owner and be 19 years or older.
• Handler must have complete control over the dog at all times and will be responsible for cleaning up after them.
• All dogs must be 4 months or older.
• No aggressive dogs.
• No ‘in-heat’ female dogs.
• Dogs must be current on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper-Parvo, and Bordetella), healthy and free of fleas. You may be asked to provide proof of vaccinations. In addition, you will need to sign a waiver prior to being admitted.
• All dogs must remain on-leash at all times! The only time a dog may be off-leash is while they are in the water.
• Dogs ONLY allowed in the water. No persons will be permitted to swim during this event. If needed, handlers will be allowed to accompany leashed dogs into the water, knee-deep to the handler.
• We highly recommend acclimating dogs with being in water prior to the event. If a dog becomes fearful they can act out and cause injury to those around them and themselves.
• For health and safety reasons, we recommend no children, under 10 years old, attend this event.